Food, Wine, Happiness.

Cristina is the “behind the scenes” of Mangè

Everything that comes out of the kitchen has been prepared by her hands. She entered the world of restaurants when she met Angelo 30 years ago, and soon after she found her place in that world, where she feels the most comfortable: behind the stove. Leaving the role of a teacher, to whom everyone deferred with respect, she worked her way up the ranks in the various kitchens of Italy, France, the United States, and England, where insults and busting your ass are the order of the day. Over the years, she has cultivated her passion for and understanding of gastronomic culture through specialized courses and hands-on experience in managing diverse styles of restaurant with Angelo. In 20??, their son, Sebastian, came into the world, followed by Mangè a year later. The need to have more time to dedicate to Seba, combined with the tiredness that comes from years of hard work, made her objective clear - to open an “easy” place, without too many frills, in which to share the wealth of her experiences from around the world through the one thing she loves to do above all else: cook good and genuine food using high-quality ingredients. And here it is.

bici, cibo e bei posti
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