Ready... set... go!

Our brunch is made to satisfy the “savoury breakfast” craving for lovers of the genre, to put you back on your feet the morning after a few too many drinks the night before (which is bound to happen in these parts), for our visitors from abroad who need protein to start their day, and for those of us who wake up late on Sunday with no desire to cook lunch.

Juices & milk

Fresh Squeezed Orange

Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit

Yoghurt and fruit salad

Yoghurt and organic muesli

Organic juices

Bread & toasts

Sourdough bread & butter

Bread, butter & jam

Bread, EVO, olives

Bread & Langhe cheese

Bread, tomatoes & EVO

Focaccia & Prosciutto

Grissini & Prosciutto Parma





Latte Macchiato


Latte & Nutella



Farm fresh eggs

Two Eggs Tina Style with the choice of

Ham, Parma ham, Bra Sausage, Tomatoes or grilled vegetables


Grilled Vegetables & Eggs with mozzarella

Scrambled Eggs, Mozzarella & mixed grilled vegetables


Langhe Merenda

Toasted bread, Raw Bra Sausage, Tomatoes, Red onions, Scrambled Eggs


Brunch Platter

Home-cured salami, Tomatoes Salad, Eggs Your Way, Tuma Cheese, Toasted bread


Cyclist Energy

Pancake, Baked Ham, Fresh fruit, Honey or Jam

Speciality farm eggs

Classic Green frittata

Frittata Verde, Bread & Tomatoes


3 Eggs Omelette

Toasted Bread, Chopped Prosciutto or Vegetables, melted local Cheese

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