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Our menu is inspired by the sights and tastes from our travels around the world, combined with Cristina’s Piemontese and Angelo’s Apulian culinary traditions. We love to use fresh and seasonal products, so our menu changes frequently and the menu items listed below may not be available all year round. Our advice? Come in and ask for the daily specials! All of our dishes are available for take-away, perfect for romantic dinners, parties, hungry children, or to simply eat a hamburger in front of the television.


Veal tartare, Sliced veal with tuna-caper sauce

Olivier (Russian) salad

Octopus and vegetable salad

Selection of cured meat, anchovies, mushrooms

Roasted vegetables with Buffalo milk mozzarella/ricotta from Chicco Carmagnola

Vegetable flan and cheese sauce


Tajarin (tagliolini) with sausage ragù

Cavatelli with vegetables and ricotta

Gnocchi with tomato sauce

Paccheri with asparagus and mullet 

Soup of the day


Barolo braised veal

Tomato stuffed with chicken and barley

Fassona beef burger with french fries 

Grilled veal tagliata with roasted vegetables

Fried stuffed sardines, eggplant, bell peppers, and glazed onion



Bunet and Crème Caramel

Semifreddo with amaretti

Hazelnut cake with ice cream

Baked pear and orange with ice cream

Strawberries with sugar glaze and ice cream

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