Angelo's tips

Mangè e bèive (Eat and drink)

Routes that are suitable for anyone who is capable of staying on a bicycle and wants to explore the area on two wheels. It is possible to use an ebike for those who want the full experience with minimum effort. We are happy to make you sandwiches that will suit your itinerary, which you can pack in our beautiful bag to take on your ride.

Fuma c’nduma (Come on, let’s go!)

Medium-duration routes for those who are already used to being in the saddle and are not afraid of a sore butt. From the longest to the shortest itinerary, there is something for everyone. Perfect after a hearty breakfast or brunch at Mangé, or to work up an appetite before a nice plate of plin for lunch.


Hai voluto la bicicletta? (So, you wanted to bike?)

...and now: “Bring it on!” Uphill, downhill, skill and technique, head down, endorphins, lots of calories, all leaving you very hungry, very thirsty, and very satisfied. In short, Angelo’s favorite routes. At the end of your ride, we will be waiting for you with plates of delicious food, packed with carbohydrates, proteins, and mineral salts.


bici, cibo e bei posti
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